The Hideaway Cafe is one of the most celebrated live music venues here in the Sunshine City. Blues, alt rock, Americana, and more genres are represented on stage by some of the top rising talents in the ‘Burg. Bands such as Kid Royal, Betty Fox, Selwyn Birchwood, Kirk Adams, and Jennifer Real have graced the stage.

More than just a venue, it’s a family. The artists, the attendees, the bartenders, and the ownership share the kind of camaraderie and kinship that make it the perfect, dimly lit home for creatives. It seems St. Pete’s original listening room will need to find a new home soon. The owners took to Facebook to announce that the landlord will not be renewing their lease.

Hideaway Cafe announces an end at its Central Avenue location

Here’s the full statement from The Hideaway:

“I wanted to share some news with you regarding the Hideaway Cafe’s future. First, and right to the point, our landlord will not be renewing our lease. This gives us a handful of months remaining in our current location. As you might guess, we’re all devastated – simply put. We would have celebrated 13 years in the spring and, well, it just stinks to say goodbye to this room.”

“I think the only thing I can really say for sure right now is that the days here are numbered. So, if you’re a fan and have supported original music and all of the truly incredible artists in this room and on this stage, if you’ve enjoyed coming in to say hey to our awesome servers, sound techs, door and kitchen crew or have some special memory that ties you to the Hideaway Cafe, now would be the time to come and take it all in while you still can. Our staff would sure love to see you and it’ll help them transition as well. And please do share your special memories with us here. We will take them all with us.”

Celebrating nearly 13 years in St. Petersburg

Yes, after 13 years the Hideaway is looking to start anew again.

“now’s the time to come and enjoy whatever it is that you love about the Hideaway. Whether it’s one of our artists-in-residence – Kid Royal Band & the Holy Smokes, Josh Nelms Trio, Kirk Adams Band, Ronnie Dee & the Superstars or Boho Sideshow – or maybe a special Saturday ticketed show – maybe it’s your favorite sandwich, the Gibson… or thin-crust Caprese Pizza with Pepperoni (that’s mine). Whatever it is, come on by and lets raise one up.”

Shows are still happening at The Hideaway for now. You can see a full events calendar on its website, and by following The Hideaway on Facebook and Instagram. Shows have been open to the public for free recently, but donations are always appreciated at the door.

Support your local listening room

There are certain things that make St. Pete St. Pete. I feel that The Hideaway is one of them. Sitting at the precipice of the new booming Grand Central District, The Hideaway is the kind of bookend where you can start/end your night. Good food, good brews, good people.

“From everyone here, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for our almost 13 years here at 1756 Central. So many great memories! I pray there will be more to come in a 3.0.”

The Hideaway Cafe is located at 1756 Central Avenue.

A recording studio and music venue with a long history in the ‘Burg

Here’s a bit of background on the concept:

The Hideaway Cafe was “officially” established in 2009 as a labor of love for owners, John and Nicole Kelly. Having met in Nashville, TN, John, Singer-Songwriter & Studio Engineer, and Nicole, Music Lover & IT Professional, married their individual business ventures with the idea that they could offer a pretty complete package to musicians and an original spot for music-lovers to congregate.

Prior to 2009, Hideaway Recording Studio was owned and operated as an extension of The Kellys’ household….in their mother-in-law suite behind their first home and later as the entire 1st floor of their home in Crescent Heights. 

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