ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – It seems like it’s always a party at St. Pete Pier, but this party is a little different. 

While some kids showed off their dance moves, Asha Joseph with Glitter and Giggles made the others look pretty.

“That’s my favorite part,” she said. “It’s about their imagination mostly when they get to see themselves as a completely different character. That’s what gets it for me.”

Joseph works with Glitter and Giggles, a face painting company that transformed the kids into their favorite mystical creatures. 

“It’s so awesome. The pandemic shut me down for, like, two years so I’m finally back into it. So I’m so excited.” 

Not everyone opted for face painting and dancing though – others took a spin around the ice rink for the first time.

“I rollerblade a lot so I guess I just rollerblade,” Rianna Williams said. Rianna and her family are visiting Florida from Texas. She said this experience is one for the books.

“It’s a really cool experience being in the hot, and it’s just like ice,” she said.

It’s an experience you really only find in Florida.

Hayley Burdon-Mayo can attest to that.  While ice skating is new to her too, she’s here for one experience. “I like the Lightning,” she said, “And I love the Lightning and I love just watching them, and so it’s really cool to do what they like to do.” 

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