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Beginning at 12 p.m., on Tuesday, February 16, the St. Petersburg Police Department and St. Petersburg Dive and Marine Rescue Team investigated waters around the Williams Pier for evidence in an ongoing homicide case, police said. 

“We are searching for evidence in one of our ongoing investigations,” said said SPPD spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez. “We cannot say what the evidence is or what case, but it is an open case.” 

According to Gulfport Police Department’s Public Information Officer Thomas Woodman, St. Petersburg Police are utilizing a GPPD boat. Gulfport Police shut down the pier for the investigation. 

“We are just assisting them in that way,” Woodman said. 

Police anticipate that the search will wrap up today, by dark. 

“It’s unlikely they will be there tomorrow,” Fernandez said. 


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