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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla- — A new business owner on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg says she’s been forced to find a new storefront after her landlord gave her 30 days’ notice.

ABC Action News has been telling you since 2019 the growing issue St. Pete entrepreneurs are having, like relocating and having to spend much more money on rent.

“We always say, ‘I have a dream,’ but I’m actually living that dream,” Jasmine Elhaddad said.

For Elhaddad, the American dream is squeaky clean.

“I have people coming in and saying, ‘Hey, I haven’t seen a shop like this. I want to support,'” she said.

Elhaddad runs “Pure With Love” and makes the majority of her products.

Since renting out the storefront in January, things had been going pretty well. Then earlier this month, her landlord decided he wanted to build out her space and needed her to vacate the property.

“Basically they can at any reason, pretty much give you a 30-day notice and that’s about it,” Elhaddad said.

Elhaddad has two more weeks until she has to be out of her shop. And with that area doubling, even tripling rent, small business owners usually get priced out of that area.

“I’ve always pride myself on having people come in and feeling like this is a safe haven. So to not have that right now, that is one of the things that scare me most,” she said.

ABC Action News talked to the city’s business and development manager to see what resources are out there for business owners.

“They are not alone and we’re going to be there with them. We’re going to try to provide resources, information. We can run reports, we can make connections,” Jessica Eilerman said.

Eilerman says should check out “Greenhouse.” It’s an initiative under her department that caters to small businesses.

In the meantime, Elhaddad started a Gofundme hoping to raise money to cover the cost of moving and maintain operations.

“A lease will end, but love never do[es],” Elhaddad said.

Elhaddad says she plans to sell her soaps wholesale and online to stay afloat

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