ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Pedestrians and bicycles, not cars, would be the focus of some of St. Pete’s downtown streets under a new plan created by the Car-Free St. Pete committee. 

The project, dubbed the St. Pete Straza, would create a 3-mile loop through parts of downtown and make them friendly for bikes and pedestrians by removing curbs, expanding sidewalks and slowing speed limits. 

What You Need To Know

  • The St. Pete Straza project would create a 3-mile loop downtown and make it friendly for bikes and pedestrians
  • The Car-Free St. Pete committee wants to hear from the community about the idea
  • The project is similar to Clematis Street in West Palm Beach and Portland’s Green Loop

On the project’s website, it’s described as major changes to existing streets that would “combine the elements of a street, plaza, and park. It would transform automobile dominated streets in downtown into a more comfortable environment for people to walk, stroll, play, and create community.”

Jeff Schorr, who has been using his bike as transportation for the past 10 years, said with changes coming to Tropicana Field, now is the time. 

“How many downtowns across the country get a chance to redevelop almost 100 acres in the heart of their downtown?” he said.

Right now, the group is working on creating a feasibility study and welcomes feedback from the community. They have spoken to a number of city council members and transportation officials, but have not submitted a formal proposal to the city. 

“Some sections might be made car-free,” said Nicole Roberts, with the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership. “Of course, we’d have to look into the feasibility study and into the communities living in those areas to make sure it would work for them to be car-free.”

The project is similar to Clematis Street in West Palm Beach and Portland’s Green Loop.

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