Inhale the aromas in Jennifer Gilman’s monthly essential oil classes at the Gulfport Recreation Center – back after a three-month hiatus.

For $10, students can learn about the transformative power of scent with Gilman. In her Aging With Essential Oils class on October 21, Gilman talked common aging symptoms, how to use plant medicine and how to involve your doctor with alternative methods to medicine.

“Sometimes we get so focused on, ‘I have to do what my doctor says’ and we don’t realize we can think for ourselves,” Gilman told the Gabber. “We can make some decisions and we can do it with our doctor; it doesn’t need to be that we exclude the doctor.” 

An average class totals around six or seven people, but Gilman hopes to expand to 10 per class. Classes are open anyone 18 or older.

“Plant medicine is so wonderful for us, but it’s tricky for a lot of people to know how and when to use it,” Gilman said. “I’ll teach people to use their oils as perfumes, because perfumes are all man made. Any man-made fragrance is actually an endocrine system disrupter.”

According to Gilman, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

“I teach people, you don’t need to have the fakie stuff,” she said. “Let’s figure out what your favorite things are and actually make the natural version.”

During each class, Gilman’s students get hands-on experience with a DIY oil project.

“I think people learn a lot, kinesthetically, with their hands. So if they can learn, be part of the discussion, smell, we really engage as many senses as possible because I think that locks in the learning and also desire to be doing something healthy,” Gilman said.

While living in Utah, Gilman began her Herbal Cabinet business. In addition to being a certified aromatherapist, she works as an integrative health coach and a hormone health specialist.

“I quickly discovered that it wasn’t just Western herbs [that are beneficial], but also the essential oils, because they’re so fun and easy to use,” Gilman said. “So I decided to just go back to school and do a full year as a certified aromatherapist.”  

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