ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — St. Petersburg Police confirm a child was shot and killed at an apartment in St. Pete Friday evening.

St. Pete Police said officers responded to a call that a child had been shot at an apartment at the Reserve at Lynn Lake Point in St. Pete.

Officers said the nine-year-old boy died from a possible “self-inflicted accidental” gunshot wound, but add that they are still investigating this incident. ABC Action News is not identifying the child.

According to St. Pete Police, the shooting happened in an apartment with 6 other young people inside—ranging in ages from one year old to 18 years old.

“Obviously this is a horrific situation a tragedy and then when you have other children involved as witnesses. You know we have victims advocates that kind of help out. They’re back at the station talking to detectives and we’re offering whatever support we can,” said Lt. Ricardo Lopez with St. Petersburg Police.

Investigators said they’ve identified the owner of the gun and are “speaking with them.” Lt. Lopez told ABC Action News that this shooting should serve as a reminder to keep firearms locked up and away from kids in the home.

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