St. Pete Beach is set to get a Sunrise Tacos restaurant when the Treasure Island-based establishment expands southward in early 2023.

The new location will be situated at 455 75th Avenue, the former home of Gayle’s Diner, a St. Pete Beach institution that opened in 1954.

Co-owner Kim Vandebogart says the restaurant should be open sometime in January and that it will feature some sort of tribute to the Kilpatrick family, who owned and operated Gayle’s Diner for decades.

Sunrise Tacos serves breakfast and lunch tacos all day and claims to be Treasure Island’s sole purveyor of breakfast tacos. It specializes in Mexican “street taco” cuisine made with fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. 

One of the most popular breakfast tacos is the Eggs a la Mexicana which is loaded with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo and topped with onion and cilantro. Other breakfast tacos include egg with either chorizo, ham, bacon, or homemade refried beans.

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