Facebook Check Ins For Restaurant Owners

Facebook Check Ins For Restaurant Owners

The top question I get from restaurant owners more than any other is: “What is the ONE thing I can do to get a huge number of new customers?”

The answer is simple… it’s ‘Word Of Mouth’ Marketing. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful form of advertising.


More than 60% of all purchasing decisions are now influenced by friends and family. We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with adverts, and we’re tired of it. We’d rather trust people we know.

Can you think of the last 10 purchases you’ve made? I bet the vast majority were influenced by the opinions and input of others, right?

That’s why our Facebook “check-in” service is so powerful. It has the power to ‘force’ all of you current customers into recommending your restaurant/bar to all their friends on Facebook…

It’s literally the 21st century version of good old fashioned word of mouth! However, hardly any restaurants in your area are doing anything to incentivize their customers into checking in on Facebook. Leaving the door open for you to swoop in and dominate !

Here is a short video that explains more:

Here’s The Truth: ‘Word Of Mouth’ Advertising Beats Paid Advertising Hands Down…


92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising (Source: Nielsen)

Simply put, people don’t trust adverts!

A flashy advert or featured post may promote some interest, but most people will think ‘of course they’ll say their own food is the best in town!’ But…

When they see a friend has checked into the same restaurant, it carries far more weight as they TRUST their friend’s judgement.

In fact, many people will engage directly with their friend on Facebook when they see a check in, by liking the post or commenting on it.

This kind of word of “word of the mouth” traffic is like gold dust to restaurants…

And yet, only a handful of restaurants have anything in place to guarantee check-ins from all their customers. The vast majority just hope their customers take the initiative…

Facebook will continue to prioritize content from friends over everything else and restaurants that jump on this trend now will see an immediate difference to their business and profits.

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